Open Staff Positions

The 2013 Season is just twenty-five days away and Camp preparations are in full swing! The final coats of paint are drying, the kitchen is preparing its menus and our Staff are packing their bags: getting ready for Orientation, which starts in just a few weeks!

The following staff positions have recently become open for this Summer. Please contact Camp if you’re right for the position, or tell a friend if you think they might be interested.

Orientation starts 6/20, Campers arrive 6/26.

Counselors — Jewish, 19+
1 Male Counselor

1 Nature Assistant
1 Swimming (with WSI and teaching experience)

Support Staff
1 2nd Chef – Experienced in institutional cooking
1 Photographer – Shoots all Camp daily activities
1 Truck Driver with Plumbing/Maintenance skills

Adult Staff
1 Camp Mother or Camp Father
1 Doctor – 5 days

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