The Camp Monroe Family – A Short Documentary

At Camp Monroe, we pride ourselves in having created an atmosphere of friendship and warmth for campers and staff members from all around the world. The Camp Monroe experience has an impact far beyond the Summer months. Lifetime friendships have flourished in Camp Monroe, and we are privileged to see campers each Summer whose parents (or even grandparents) are alumni of Camp Monroe.

James Harris at Camp MonroeThis short documentary about Stanley Felsinger and Camp Monroe was created and developed by James Harris, the Camp Monroe videographer in Summer 2013. James came all the way from England to join the Camp Monroe family, and we are delighted to see that our relationship has continued beyond the Summer months.

A few weeks ago, James asked for permission to do a documentary on Camp Monroe to be used for a project at his University. We were delighted to know that his connection to camp extended beyond a summer job, and we granted permission to use our materials for the project. When we saw the completed documentary, we were tremendously touched and inspired. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to spend each Summer with such an incredible family, and we are honored that so many campers and staff members stay connected with us throughout the year.

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