Reunion from the 2014 Season

On Sunday we had our reunion at Sportime USA.

Campers, parents and staff arrived at 10 am with big smiles. They quickly hung up their coats, found friends and began having fun. They played tons of arcade games, laser tag, climbed the rock wall, rode the bumper cards, watched a movie in the XD Theater and so much more! Delicious rugelach, mini muffins, and cookies from Bubba’s were out on snack tables along with hot and cold drinks. The hugs, kisses and squeals abounded as campers and staff saw their friends. The temperature outside the building was quickly forgotten as everyone felt the warmth of camp, feeling transported back to “Happyland.” Campers laughed, staff schmoozed, and parents kvelled. Towards the end of the event, our 2014 Video Yearbook was played for the first time on the giant screen and at the end everyone sang Friends, Friends, Friends and hugged, not wanting to let go. It was a wonderful event and served as a kickoff for the 2015 season – our 75th Anniversary year. The reunion was great and we can’t wait to see you all again this summer, Only At Camp Monroe!!!