Returning Home

A few days ago, I was standing in Al Bass Hall with the inimitable Adam Russell – he found a way out of real-world work to join us at camp for two weeks – and I wondered aloud how many total hours I’d spent in the iconic building that serves as theatre, dancehall, sports arena, and so much more.

I’m beginning my 21st summer at Camp Monroe, a feat that makes me both proud and eternally grateful. How lucky am I? 21 glorious summers of basketball at the bleachers and boating on the lake, talent shows and musical plays, Stanley Cup and Hertz Classic, Shabbos Menucha and Friday night Mess Hall singing, Color War and of course best friends.

Four days into the 2012 season, everything looks great at camp. The grounds are beautiful, the staff is awesome, and the campers have thrown themselves into activities with trademark gusto. It’ll be another incredible summer at Camp Monroe!

Over the past several years I’ve lived spontaneously, unpredictably, and often nomadically, but through it all, camp has been the thread that binds. While I’m unable to calculate how much time I’ve spent in Al Bass Hall, I know it’s a lot. And I know the old Palladium is home, just like every part of Happyland.