Profound Connections

Though you wouldn’t know it here in Los Angeles, it is wintertime. For most Camp Monroe family members, the East Coast contingent, that probably means snowball fights and heavy jackets, hot cocoa and TV movies. Those of us in California, Florida, Australia, New Zealand, and Israel are lucky enough to have the option of still going outside in shorts.

Sometimes it’s hard to find the thread that binds. Modern life is often so multifaceted, so busy, and so compartmentalized that it’s easy to become lost in the moment. And that’s not a bad thing. Throwing your entire self into your current situation is both valuable and rewarding.

Believe me, though, not one person who goes to Monroe ever completely blocks out camp. We can’t. It’s impossible. Furthermore, we wouldn’t want to.

One of the many things camp teaches us is how to stay connected. Isn’t it interesting that most camp people consider other camp people their best friends in the world? The summer at Monroe is amazingly intense in a way that encourages you to quickly form deep relationships. More importantly, those relationships are so meaningful that you feel inspired to work on them throughout the year, no matter how far apart you are. You share such profound connections with your camp friends that you are constantly reminded of them by random things: a word, a game, a book, a dream.

Just this morning, I emailed a camp friend about a current hip-hop song. That may seem trivial, but it is microcosmic of Monroe friendships. They extend into the smallest aspects of daily life, and even the smallest connection makes us happy.