Post-Camp Letters to Stanley: Camp Monroe 2014

Since camp has ended, we have received so many hand written notes, cards, and emails of thanks. Letters have come from campers, staff, and parents, thanking us for the wonderful summer we provided. It is gratifying to us and underscores our real success.

See what our campers, staff and parents had to say about Camp Monroe 2014:

Toby Spielman & Ruthie Gannon – Campers & daughters of a camp pediatrician and camp nurse
We just wanted to tell you that we are very grateful to be at camp.

Sydney Kay – Counselor and former Camper
I appreciate all you do and want to thank you for having provided a warm and loving home for me to grow up in that helped shape me into the person I am today.

Schwartzbach Family – Parents
Thanks for (another) great summer!

Nina Karpel – Parent
Thank you for a great summer!

Sharon Janovic – Parent
Max had an amazing time at camp this summer and can’t wait to go back next summer. He loves it!

Dayan Family – Parents
Thank you so much for having AJ and me up at camp last Shabbos. We both had a great time. I especially loved the beautiful singing and dancing in the dining room and the meaningful service you led. Your speech was moving and your message about not giving up, hard work and chasing your dreams truly spoke to me….Our sincerest thanks for taking such good care of Rebecca and Max while they are at camp – it is truly their HAPPYLAND!

Susan Kahn – Parent of 1 Counselor and 1 Camper
The boys are home now and full of stories and joy after their summer with you. It really was a wonderful experience for them both, thank you for giving Charlie and Sam the chance to have such a great summer. Thank you again for taking care of our boys.

Irene Heifetz – Parent
Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful experience you gave to Benny this summer. He came home all smiles and full of joy.

Phillip Devorris – Parent of Campers
Thank you for creating such a wonderful place as Camp Monroe that could inspire Claudia to write such a note to you, without encouragement or assistance. I was so glad that she shared it with me after she sent it. Camp Monroe has done so much to instill character in my girls. Their connection with Judaism and very much of their midos as you put it comes from the role model you have been. You were so gracious to give us the credit in your note to Claudia, and of course I’ve done my part and Colleen is an exceptional and involved role model as well, but your influence and that of Camp Monroe’s is nothing short of fantastic. It’s unbelievable what you accomplish in 3½ weeks per year and how much they love it.

Sherri Ghodsi – Parent
I want to tell you that Cameron had a wonderful experience at the mini-camp and is already looking forward to next year. I was a little hesitant about sending him because I thought he was too young. On visiting day I made it a point to meet the counselors of the mini-camp. After meeting them I knew he would be in good hands. Jordan, Jacob and Daniel were wonderful. Caring, mature and fun. They made Cameron feel welcome and included. When he came home I asked Cameron if he had a favorite counselor and he said, “all three of them were my favorite.” Please thank them again for me.

Jorge Arregoces Barros – Written by Jorge’s Mother
I hope this letter find you well. Luis had such nice and beautiful words to express what an awesome and amazing place you and your husband have. He also expressed what a great decision he made choosing Camp Monroe. He said that it will make him “a better person in life.” I want to take the opportunity to thank you for all your help, caring words, support and the love that you and all the members of your staff have for Jorge.

Meredith Kay – Parent of Counselor
Thank you for the beautiful message. I too, was touched when I read the Shabbat-o-gram that Sydney sent to Stanley. I know she wrote it from her heart. However, she is not the only one in our family that has been affected, in a positive way, by their experiences at Camp Monroe. Each and every one of our immediate family members has been blessed with the chance to spend time there and the Camp Monroe experience will forever influence the core of who we are and who we shall become as parents, siblings, friends and colleagues. What a gift you have given to us and countless other individuals over the decades. Besides your own family, this has to be your most important legacy in life. Mazel Tov on the recent birth of your grand-daughter.

Marci Zeidwerg – Parent
Yesterday was magical. I’m sure by now you know how Steve and I feel about you and the Camp Monroe family. Yesterday we saw that our kids are comfortable in every inch of camp. Rachel asked if we could stay in camp all day and do activities. It was a first for us. We went go carting, row boating, ate at the grill, played with the animals, watched the kids at gymnastics, watched the DVD of the show. The best part of the day was when we were leaving. Rachel and Jack kissed us goodbye and said “Thank you for sending me to Camp Monroe”. Just magical. Keep doing what you are doing!! We look forward to many more years of Camp Monroe!!

Jordan Grabski – Counselor
The past two summers will no doubt provide me with long lasting friendships, laughter and sweet memories for a lifetime. The environment you have created at Camp Monroe is one of warmth, acceptance and happiness.
Monroe has taught me how to be patient, “invest in the best”, and how to be a better person through politeness, kindness and positivity. So for all of this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Monroe will forever be kept in a special place.

Bergfeld Family – Parents of Camper
We also send you our sincere gratitude for providing Max with such a meaningful experience at Camp Monroe this summer, for showing him kindness and for always being a wonderful example for him.

Brianna Cohen – Alumnus who visited this summer
This past Shabbos you spoke about gratitude and saying thank you, and I think that no one deserves more thanks than you. I have had a wonderful time at camp, and with my camp family throughout the 13 years that I have been a part of it. Thank you for enabling me to grow up in a warm and nurturing environment, surrounded by midos. Thank you for teaching me to be a better person, inspiring me to always do the right thing.

David Salkin – Parent of Counselor
The atmosphere which you provide at camp, and the values and culture which you create, are of enormous importance to our Jewish youth. It is clear to me that Jacob has been very fortunate to be exposed to such a positive environment over his last two summers.

Claudia Devorris – Camper
These past four summers have been absolutely incredible and I can’t imagine where or who I would be today if I didn’t attend Camp Monroe. Camp is the only place where I truly feel at home. The relationships with the people I have met at Camp Monroe will last a lifetime. My summers at camp will never be forgotten.

Andrew Davidov – Alumnus who visited this summer
The growth I developed during my ten summers at Camp Monroe have impacted my life more so than any other experience throughout my life. The confidence, comfort, respect, community and love camp has given me is indescribable. I have nothing but love for the entire Camp Monroe family. Thank you for all you have done over the years. You will forever be in my heart.

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