Post-Camp Letters to Stanley: Camp Monroe 2013

Since camp has ended, we have received so many hand written notes, cards, and emails of thanks. Letters have come from campers, staff, and parents, thanking us for the wonderful summer we provided. It is gratifying to us and underscores our real success.

Hear what our campers, staff and parents had to say about Camp Monroe 2013:

Dear Stanley,

“We all grow from Camp Monroe. The way in which you and your staff take care of our kids is beyond anything we could hope for. We look forward to many more summers here… Only At Camp Monroe.”

“He is so sad to leave camp and is so looking forward to 2014 already that he asked me to submit his bunk requests immediately. Thank you for creating such a special 2nd home for him, and for being so wonderful to our family.”

“My son has relayed to me the many acts of kindness and friendship that the staff at Camp Monroe showed him.”

“Thank you to you and your staff for being so accommodating – Camp Monroe has been a wonderful experience for them.”

“We have the ultimate confidence in you, we trust you with our kids.”

“I was more proud of her for her Midos awards than I had been for any other athletic trophy she has ever won!”

“It’s amazing that after only one summer together, we all feel like a part of the Camp Monroe family.”

“Your camp taught me a great deal about myself and life that I doubt I would have ever discovered anywhere else.”

“Your camp had a very positive effect on the boys and facilitated their growth emotionally.”

“Yesterday, we spent the entire day together as a family. Talk about Camp Monroe was the highlight of the day. You and your staff do amazing work.”

“I know that sending Jenna was the best decision I could have made for her.”

“You present Judaism to these children in such a beautiful, non-threatening manner. You stress all the important values to these kids.”

“Keep up the great work. I know I have found the right environment for my children.”

“I asked her why she didn’t get upset when I kept refusing to bring her to the toy store. Her response was, “Camp taught me to be happy with what I have.” I have been trying to teach my kids that lesson for years and you did it in 3½ weeks. That’s why we love Camp Monroe.”

“The entire experience has provided our children and our family with the most wonderful opportunity of expanding their world.”

“Our kids forged incredible friendships and found a place where they feel safe, strong, happy, and confident.”

“When they came home at the end of the session, we could clearly tell that their lives had been affected in a very special way…an extended family had been found.”

“One of his counselors told me on the day I dropped him off that it would be the best choice we ever made. I now realize how right he was in making that statement!!”

“Thanks for a great summer. See you next year.”