Color War 2014 – Blue Ocean vs White Jungle

For the first time in the history of Camp Monroe, we are asking for family and friends to participate in Color War by voting on Facebook. We have shared the plaque presentations below for both teams, and we want to hear your feedback. To cast your vote, go to


Plaque Instructions:
To be made on plywood supplied to each team. Each team may have up to five people working on plaque at any one time.

All materials must be requisitioned. Plaque may be 3-dimensional but constructed in such a manner as to be permanent. Plaque should not extend outside 4 x 4 dimension and any relief shall not be more than 6’’.

The plaque is to be suitable and appropriate to the theme of each team. A brief explanatory speech should be included in the presentation.


Blue Ocean Plaque 2014:

Blue Ocean Plaque Color War 2014

When you look out onto the ocean from the shore you see only the surface of the water rushing towards your feet. When you dive into water you experience the vantage point that every sea creature experiences – one that looks up through the bottom of the surface water. Rarely do you ever get to experience both of these views at the same time.

In our plaque the viewer can truly experience the best of the many worlds that the ocean has to offer. It is the beauty of both the surface and what is below that contributes to the ocean’s importance and value in the world that we live in.

The plaque offers an insight into the ocean through a porthole window on a boat. We represent the personal space of a passenger to symbolize the personal connection that each of us has to the ocean.

The ocean is a vital passageway that was once the sole method for exploration as well as for humans to travel from continent to continent. It is the ocean that provided, and still provides to this day, an essential method for transportation of resources. We show this by depicting the cargo ship which represents the economic dependency we place on the ocean. Furthermore, the ocean allows us to connect to all points of the world for leisure by means of traveling on a ship. The adventures we can go on lead us to all of the places in the world. In this way the ocean connects both the tropical waters of destinations such as Hawaii to the subzero temperatures of the oceans near Antarctica. The postcards hung up in the corner represent some of those magical places. In addition, we included valuable photos and letters from camp Monroe to show how the places we come from stay with us no matter what journey we go on.

The water cycle plays a huge part in ocean life. As the color war challenge states, “evaporation of water from the ocean is the source off most rainfall on the earth”. Rainfall in turn creates bodies of water which are in this way linked to the ocean itself.

The child’s drawing shows how the ocean, and it’s mythology, influence popular culture and help spark the imagination of generations. Similarly in the bottom right hand corner, we have included the books twenty thousand leagues under the sea and Moby Dick to show how the ocean has often been a common theme in literature, mostly due to the dependence of many cultures on the ocean. The final book is of seafood recipes that is used to represent how the ocean provides the main food source for a large percentage of the worlds population.

The top right hand corner of our plaque is dedicated to the subject of ocean conservation. We have used bumper stickers to represent some of the charities which fight to protect our ocean and it’s inhabitants, from the devastation that can be caused by humans.

We also included the recycling symbol as a reminder that we can each make a difference to the conservation of the ocean by something as simple as recycling.

We have included an old fashioned telescope and naval charts to show how the ocean was as important to our ancestors as it is to us in the present day. Many of our ancestors have arrived in the USA on large ships of the past looking for a new life. Without these useful tools, our ancestors would not have been able to discover this place that we call home.

Finally, the ocean floor which is visible through the porthole in the centre of our plaque, shows some of the wide variety of plant and animal life which make up the rich ecosystem of the ocean. Without these past times such as scuba diving, would not be such an interesting and fascinating experience. The colors alone that make up the ocean help contribute to its beauty.

Foremost the ocean is full of life in and of itself. The cycle of life to which the ocean follows shows it’s strength and ability to sustain itself. During this color war, the blue team has taken to this to prove our strength and victory.

Laura, Steph and Daryll

White Jungle Plaque 2014:

White Jungle Plaque Color War 2014

The jungle is a unique blend of simplicity and complexity. We adopted this idea when creating our plaque.

Our animals each represent different aspects found both within the jungle and within ourselves. The lion evokes bravery and embodies the strength we all have inside. The monkey is the most playful of the animals, representing our spirit and energy. The red macaw is a symbol of our high-reaching aspirations and motivation to achieve them. It is our ability to fly high above land and sea and past adversity that makes us so similar to the macaw. Lastly, the elephant exemplifies our firm resolution and willingness to stand by our decisions with great strength. Although different, each animal contributes to the majesty of the jungle in their own modest ways. However, when brought together, the animals create a diverse and enchanting environment, much like we see here at Camp Monroe.

The two men atop the elephant are working as one with the jungle by utilizing the natural resources found within the jungle. They are beginning the journey toward discovering just how beneficial the jungle’s resources can be to our society; much like our journey of self-discovery began nearly two months ago. They have already discovered the advantages of working together and have felt the success of unity over isolation.

The two hands shaking express the link between the urban population and the indigenous peoples. We come together in order to better our shared world. Together we have used the periwinkle plant to create one of the strongest anti-cancer drugs in the world, aiding thousands.

The Jungle Book stresses the idea of bare necessities. Although it seems like fun and games in the movie, bare necessities are a crucial point that correlates with the Jewish value of בל תשחית. Although the resources we obtain from the jungle may seem abundant, it is important to never waste or intentionally destroy anything the jungle has to offer.

Finally, our choice to incorporate the World Wildlife Foundation logo stemmed from the principle of חיים בעלי צאר. This midah emphasizes the importance of treating all living creatures with kindness and ensuring that we do not inflict any pain upon anyone or anything. It is up to us, especially those of us in the urban jungle, to protect all who inhabit the natural jungle.

Always remember, while we strive to be as brave as a lion, as spirited as a monkey, as hopeful as a macaw and as steadfast as an elephant, when it comes down to it, all we really need are the bare necessities.