Color War 2013 has arrived!

On Tuesday Night, after weeks of fake breaks and growing anticipation, Color War 2013 broke out. We started with a showing of Indiana Jones in Al Bass Hall, then moved on to the Social Hall where we needed to solve a puzzle that led everyone to the Main Diamond where we all saw a fireworks display, and the break was capped off with a wonderful video revealing the teams for 2013: Blue Adventure vs. White University. Oli Abrams and Monique Goldstein were shown as Generals of the Blue team, while Mikey Mechaly and Rachel Miller were shown as Generals of the White team. Everyone at camp LOVED the break, and we are now into day three of Color War.

Who will prevail – white or blue – although we all know that there are 500 Winners, “Only At…” Stay tuned to our blog or keep an eye on our Twitter account for updates and photos!