Camp Monroe Featured in the London England Jewish Chronicle

Camp Monroe is a co-educational sleep away Jewish Summer Camp in Monroe, New York for boys and girls aged 6-16. We pride ourselves on our heritage, culture, family, environment, facilities and staff. We were recently featured in the March 14, 2014 edition of The Jewish Chronicle, in an article that really characterizes the essence of Camp Monroe.

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By Nathan Jeffay
What’s it really like to be a “counsellor” at a summer camp in the United States?

America is famous for its super-size summer camps. And more and more British youngsters are joining in — as leaders (“counsellors”) as a way of funding a trip to the States.

Oli Abrams, a 22-year-old Londoner, has seen camp from both sides. He started going to camp in New York when he was 10 and has been most years since — latterly as a counsellor. “As an English camper I was worried that I would be left out,” he recalls. “But I fitted in perfectly and if anything the accent helped. I am still in contact with people I met as a 10-year-old and I really feel like everyone that comes to camp makes friends for life.”

He went to Camp Monroe, a Jewish camp for six- to 16-year-olds. Another Londoner who loved Camp Monroe is Mimi Shaul, 19. “Being so far away from my family could have been such a difficult experience, but very quickly I found a new family at camp thanks to the friendly and warm atmosphere,” she says. “I’ve never had the chance to participate in such a wide range of sports, activities and trips while maintaining and being able to further explore and expand my Jewish life.”

Jacob Taylor, 19, went to Camp Monroe as a 15-year-old camper and is returning this year as a counsellor. He says: “It’s very Jewish without being heavy.” Parents like it too, citing the way their offspring “learned responsibility, grew in important ways, became self-confident and had tons of fun in a Jewish environment”.

Counsellor placements are also available through Camp America. Sophie Charalampous of Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London, says she gained a lot from the experience.

“It offers you the perfect mixture of exciting travel and new experiences within a structured programme,” she says. “You meet young, like-minded people from across the globe, work with fantastic children and experience something completely different to anything you have done before.” For both campers and counsellors, the biggest draw seems to be the bonding experience — of being “like a family”.

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