We pride ourselves on the quality of Camp Monroe’s staff.  Our administrators, counselors, instructors, doctors, nurses, and support staff all play an essential role in the functioning of camp, and they’re a key factor in the positive experiences of our campers.

Overseen by our strong team of leadership staff, our counselors and instructors serve as teachers and role models, and act as a big brothers/sisters to our campers. Each bunk consists of 8-10 campers, as well as 2-3 counselors and 1-2 activity instructors.

Division counselors travel with their group of campers from activity to activity, while our highly-qualified instructors help campers learn new skills in each specific program area.

Many of our current staff members have themselves grown up at Monroe and enjoy giving their campers the same amazing experience they received. We also hire staff from around the world, specifically Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Most importantly, Camp Monroe seeks to hire responsible, energetic, and fun staff members who aim to give our campers the best summer of their lives.