At Camp Monroe, the safety and well-being of our campers is our highest priority. We have a modern health center staffed 24/7 with a licensed physician and registered nurses. Although we’d love for all our campers to remain healthy throughout the summer, we understand the realities of an active camp life and provide both precautionary and responsive medical care. Whether it’s a cut, rash, bug bite, or cold, we make sure our campers receive top-quality treatment.

We also train our staff in urgent care, such as head injury protocol and EpiPen usage. Furthermore, we have excellent relationships with local hospitals and specialists, in case of emergency.

For those children who take daily medication, we accept responsibility for its distribution and/or administration. If you have any questions about our health facilities or program, don’t hesitate to ask.



Every effort is made at Camp Monroe to serve delicious, nutritious, and strictly Kosher food. We take pride in our menu planning, and we offer a variety of appetizing meals with plenty of healthy options. Waiters and waitresses serve meals family style, making sure everyone receives enough to eat, and on certain special days, we offer brunches, barbecues, and picnic lunches.

We’re also acutely conscious of food allergies and provide yummy substitutes for those with unique dietary needs. To ensure that every Camp Monroe family member is properly taken care of, our “camp parents” oversee all mealtimes and a camp nurse is present, in the Dining Hall, at every meal.